Every artwork here is one of kind, it is original meaning that there is only one artwork like that in the world. They are  all created by me, Dani. The paintings ship worldwide to be able to fill the  world with joy and happiness  even during tough times. 

If you would like to  contact me, please email me at or connect with me on my social media accounts. Click on the icons to be directed there! There you will be able to get to know me as person,  a friend. 


In case you are wondering, I don't have a physical store but I own this store online accessible to everyone no matter where they are. I also showcase my artwork in galleries and restaurants. 

My priority are my customers which is why I'll respond whenever you contact me. I'll work closely with you if you decide to order a custom painting with me. You will also be notified when the artwork is shipped and just like any online order you will receive a tracking number to be able to track your treasure accordingly.


I personally thank you for choosing me as the artist for your one of a kind painting for your desired space or even special gift for your friends and loved ones. 


I take privacy and safety very serious. Your personal information shared in the website will be kept confidential. Whenever you make a purchase a product,  a third-party banking  system will be used to very payment. Similarly, if you have agreed to contact you, this will be kept confidential.


My artworks are one of kind, stunning art pieces that drive a message and an emotion. They  set the mood of a room.  They are created with professional products worthy of elegance just as themselves.  

Any wholesales interested, please contact me at I would be thrilled to connect and learn more about the opportunity. 


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